By adhering to exceptional practices that reduce energy consumption and divert waste from landfills, Power Partners is a leader in green manufacturing initiatives. It is a partner in the Green Suppliers Network, a collaboration of industry and federal government partners, and Power Partners has earned ISO 14001 environmental management certification.

PPI proactively prevents pollution, protecting people and planet.

“Proactively prevents pollution” means every employee follows the PPI Way of “enthusiastically improving everything you can” as we strive to achieve our sustainability goals.  It means we are committed to meeting and exceeding any legal and / or voluntary requirements to help us get there.  We continuously improve our processes to eliminate negative impacts on the air, land and water through teamwork.

“Protecting people and planet” means we are passionate about environmental protection. We value the lives of our employees and those in our community.

The late Dr. Sherrie Ford, co-founder of Power Partners, was well known for her walks throughout the plant during which she went “dumpster diving” to see if material was out of place in various hoppers and trash containers. She was passionate about advancing the lean manufacturing concept — not only the goals of Kaizen and 5S, but also finding a home other than a landfill for all materials no longer needed. Through her example, associates throughout the company took up the challenge to become better stewards and greatly reduce materials sent to a landfill.

Under the leadership of the Green Team, a cross-functional group of hourly, salaried and staff employees, Power Partners has:

  • Reduced the manufacturing facility’s lighting bill 45% by replacing sodium vapor lights with fluorescent lighting.
  • Reduced water consumption by 10,000 gallons per day by examining and improving processes from an environmental perspective.
  • Co-founded the Clarke County Sustainability Council.
  • Been named Athens/Clarke County recycler of the year in 2004, 2006 and 2009.
  • Been named Outstanding Corporate Leader and Spirit of the Green award winner by the Georgia Recycling Coalition in 2009.
  • Been named one of seven winners of the SJF Institute’s 2011 Green Jobs Award, which honors private businesses that contribute to both the economy and the environment.
  • Received the Excellence in Sustainability award at the 2011 Manufacturing Innovations Conference, a national event sponsored by the National Institute of Standards’ Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), for its breakthrough products, such as the ECO-MAX adsorption chillers.

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Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Manufacturing Extension Partnership”s 2011 Award for Breakthrough Products