Customers realize these advantages when they do business with Power Partners:

  • We have the shortest manufacturing cycles in the industry. Alliance customers can take advantage of a two-week or less option using our pull inventory system that lets us see the inventory status of each transformer style at a customer’s location on a daily basis.
  • Our storm response is extraordinary. We can respond to customer emergencies in less than 48 hours when the customer needs us to, and this includes the manufacture of new designs.
  • We are ISO 9001 certified. Our as-received quality and in-service reliability are outstanding, as evidenced by an extremely low field incident rate. Our quality policy is “Elevating Customer Expectation through innovative and systematic process improvement.”
  • Our unique center-bolt cover design provides numerous advantages. These include tank safety (withstand) far beyond industry requirements, self-venting and resealing, 15 kV cover dielectric, and superior resistance to corrosion.
  • We are a leader in green manufacturing initiatives. We are a partner in the Green Suppliers Network, a collaborative venture among industry, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Power Partners has ISO 14001 environmental management certification.

Power Partners’ poletype distribution transformers are specifically designed to serve residential overhead distribution loads. These overhead transformers are also suitable for light commercial loads, industrial lighting, and diversified power applications.


Instructions for Oil Immersed Distribution Transformers

We manufacture single-phase and three-phase poletype transformers at 34.5 kV and below, in ratings from 5 – 1000 kVA single-phase and 30 – 500 kVA three-phase. The Power Partners core-coil design provides optimum efficiency and excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical performance.

Power Partners’ overhead transformers are manufactured to the international standard of ISO 9001


Power Partners manufactures a wide range of components for distribution transformers. These components include High Voltage and Low Voltage bushings and other components for switching and protection. All components are manufactured to international standards ISO 9001. For information about specific components, please contact Kevin Smith at 706/548-3121, x332.

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Transformers ready for shipment

Transformers ready for shipment