• PPI proactively prevents pollution, protecting people and planet. “Proactively prevents pollution” means every employee follows the PPI Way of “enthusiastically improving everything you can” as we strive to achieve our sustainability goals.  It means we are committed to meeting and exceeding any legal and / or voluntary requirements to help us get there.  We continuously improve our processes to eliminate negative impacts on the air, land and water through teamwork. “Protecting people and planet” means we are passionate about environmental protection. We value the lives of our employees and those in our community.
  • PPI strives to reduce its energy and water intensity. Related to Climate Change, we will be reducing GHG emissions by purchasing more electricity generated by renewable sources, working with our transportation partners to streamline operations, examining commuting habits of our employees and by conservation measures.
  • Reduce consumption of water through more efficient manufacturing operations, installation of low flow appliances and through conservation.
  • Decrease landfill waste by source reduction, increasing recyclable content and increasing levels of recycling in all PPI locations.
  • Through Lean techniques we are reducing the amount of scrap in our manufacturing processes.  Many of these practices reduce scrap on the front end, eliminating not only the back end scrap, but also the energy required to recycle and reprocess the scrap material. Office-based recycling and corrugate recycling has reduced the amount of waste destined for landfills.  We are also working to ensure our e-waste partners are being environmentally responsible.
Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Manufacturing Extension Partnership”s 2011 Award for Breakthrough Products